University giving back

The College of Engineering is working to improve STEM education in North Philadelphia and Nigeria.

The College of Engineering is building STEM programs in Nigeria, while working to improve existing ones in the North Philadelphia community. In February, the college will announce STEM partnerships with three high schools near Main Campus.

Director of STEM Education, Outreach and Research Jamie Bracey said the project is designed to help underprivileged students learn about the STEM field and connect with Temple’s resources.

The college will also develop aquaponic systems in its partnership with the five universities in Nigeria to help communities grow crops indoors.

“[North Philadelphia] is our home,” Bracey told The Temple News. “This is where Temple is anchored and it’s our responsibility.”

The Temple News commends the university for giving back abroad, but also not forgetting about helping those in its own backyard. By doing this, Temple is helping pave potential career paths in STEM for students who may not have otherwise been exposed to the field.

Bracey is right — it is the university’s duty to give back to the surrounding North Philadelphia area.

Since it was founded, Temple has continued to expand farther into the surrounding community. According to the 2016-17 Temple University Fact Book, more than 12,500 students live on or near Main Campus in the heart of North Philadelphia.

Since Temple’s presence impacts the lives of so many North Philadelphia residents, it is only fair for the university to give back.

The Temple News respects the university’s effort to spread learning into North Philadelphia and across the globe.

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