University holds fourth annual vigil to honor lost lives in Temple community

The CTC Wellness Foundation, named for Christian Ciammetti, a student who died in 2015, organized the vigil.

Mary Ciammetti, president and founder of Don’t Stall Just Call, recites a quote written on the back of a photo of her son, Christian Ciammetti, who died in 2015. | DYLAN LONG / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Temple University and the CTC Wellness Foundation held the fourth annual TU Memorial vigil at the Bell Tower on Tuesday evening. Each year, the vigil honors members of the Temple community who lost their lives during the past 12 months. Mary Ciammetti, founder and president of Don’t Stall Just Call, and CTC Wellness, began organizing the event after her son, junior landscape architecture major Christian Ciammetti, passed away from alcohol poisoning during the 2014-15 academic year.

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