University picks architect for possible stadium

Moody Nolan is currently meeting with residents.

A main architect has been selected to design the university’s proposed on-campus football stadium.

According to a university press release, Moody Nolan—the country’s largest African-American owned and managed architecture firm—has been picked to lead design the 35,000-seat stadium, estimated to cost $126 million.

“Moody Nolan is regarded as a national leader in designing beautiful sports and recreation facilities that not only fit their purpose but also fit the communities in which they exist,” President Theobald said in the release. “We are excited to partner with such an outstanding architectural firm.”

The firm is partnering with AECOM, an engineering design firm with a location in Center City, and Langan, a civil engineering and landscape design firm also with an office in Center City.

Curtis J. Moody, president and CEO of Moody Nolan, said he is happy to be working with the university in the stadium design. Moody Nolan is also designing the indoor athletic recreation facility that was approved at a Board of Trustees meeting earlier this month.

Moody told The Temple News his firm is examining the issues surrounding the potential stadium, especially considering nearby community members.

“Anytime you have an urban campus, and have a lot of students that are now spread throughout the neighborhood not just on campus but off campus … the university continues to attempt to address the density issues that comes with an urban campus, where students and neighbors that have lived there a while are trying to learn to live together,” he said.

He added Moody Nolan is attempting to work through these challenges, and that the design is still in the preliminary stages.

“This is going be an ongoing [process],” Moody said. “We’re going to be out meeting with community members for the next couple of months and try to see what we can do to help the university address concerns that are addressable.”

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