Voices: Are you visiting restaurants for indoor dining?

As indoor dining opens back up, students share whether or not they have returned to eat inside restaurants.

Ana Hughes

Senior music education major

“Yeah, all the waiters were wearing masks and being very clean. It was fine. This was yesterday. Yeah, a lot of the seats were booth seats so they didn’t move anyone or move any tables, but yeah, there was a bunch of tables between everyone that was in there.”

Samuel Clemmons

Senior marketing major

“No. I am not eating at indoor dining. I make all of my food at home.”

Samantha Lorenzo

Junior neuroscience major

“No. I am also not doing indoor dining because I am just not comfortable personally in crowds yet, and like seeing that number of people in a place, I’m just not going to feel right.”

Alexy Fitzmyer

Senior music education major

“I actually went this past Saturday to Branzino in Rittenhouse. It was like an Italian restaurant and its restaurant week so we went. It was basically also everything was spaced out. I noticed they didn’t have any physical menus, they just had these QR codes to scan to get the menu up on your phone. There weren’t a lot of people, there were a few people..”

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