Voices: Will you be watching President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration?

Students share if they will tune into Wednesday’s presidential inauguration.

Adrian Sethi

 First-year grad student, hospitality management

“If I could be there in person I would totally go, but I think I’m a bit too afraid to actually be there in person because of what happened at the Capitol. But I definitely want to stay informed if it’s going to be livestreamed. I’m definitely watching it. I’ll definitely be watching it if it’s online at least.”

Sara Paulson

Junior English major

“I am watching the inauguration. I’m also excited to see someone new in office. I also didn’t really pay attention to the 2016 election and inauguration and election. I was 16, I just didn’t care too much about it, which in hindsight wasn’t the best for me, but I’m excited because this really pertains to me as a woman, just the whole new presidency.”

Ryan Berasi

Freshman marketing major

“Yes. I think it’s a good part for America. I mean, I voted for Biden. I think he is someone who can unify the country and do a good job of bringing the country together instead of separating and dividing us in half.”

Alex Allais

Senior marketing major

“I don’t think so. I’m French.”

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