Volleyball gets sounds of support from band

The Owls fell to Louisville, but the band came out for the first time.

Oftentimes at revenue collegiate sporting events, the band is a staple for a school.

But rarely can you say this about the non-revenue sports that don’t draw as big of a crowd and thus there is no real student section at these events.

This was different at the volleyball game Friday night as the crowd was cheering and McGonigle Hall was filled with Temple students.  It was a “white out” as the Owls played the top team in the American Athletic Conference standings, Louisville.  In addition having its largest attendance of the season against the Cardinals, the Diamond Band attended its first volleyball game this season.  Though the Owls fell to Louisville, the atmosphere inside McGonigle Hall was certainly elevated.

Senior trumpet section leader Jake Rondinaro said that while they attend all the home games for football, along with men’s and women’s basketball, they wanted to come out and perform for volleyball given Louisville was in to visit.

“We just knew it was a big game against Louisville because they were at the top of the conference and we just thought we would come out and support,” Rondinaro said.

That being said, Rondinaro said that normally there are far more band members at football and basketball games saying that usually there are about 210 people in the band for those games and at the volleyball game they had about 60.

“Usually we have a lot more time to play so it’s hard to just find little pieces of songs that we could just play in between each serve, but I was very happy with our performance,” Rondinaro said.

Oftentimes the band would play after the Owls would win a point but unlike football where they can play at longer length following a touchdown, or in basketball where they can play during timeouts, in volleyball the windows of time with which the band had to perform before the action resumed were much smaller – creating a challenge for the band.

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