What’s Better Than Puppies and Yoga?

The Philly Bully Team hosted Pitties and Poses, an hour long yoga session with adoptable puppies, at the Love City Brewery on Sept. 24.

The Philly Bully Team hosted Pitties and Yoga, an hour long yoga session with adoptable puppies, at the Love City Brewery on Sept. 24th. | ERIKA MONN/ THE TEMPLE NEWS

Behind the wooden doors of the Love City Brewery in Callow Hill lied nicely rolled out yoga mats and the sounds of excited puppies.  

On Sept. 24, the Philly Bully Team, a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs from euthanasia, held “Pitties and Poses,”, a puppies and yoga fundraiser on Hamilton Street and Ridge Avenue. Their yoga event was created to help raise money for their organization’s efforts to save dogs and provide them with better homes.  

“We help dogs that are about to be euthanized, dogs that come from dog fighting rings, or dogs that get discarded by their owners, and we get them the medical care that they need, and we adopt them out and find them forever homes,” said Jessica Graaf.  

Participants at the event donated money to the fundraiser and played with the puppies during yoga.  

 Cassie Willis, a participant, who follows the Philly Bully Team on Instagram, attended the event because it was good excuse to see some puppies and get a good workout in the morning, she said. 

Despite being too busy for a dog of her own, Willis still supports the organization in other ways.  

“I have fostered dogs in the past. During the pandemic a couple of us did it because we had the time and wanted to support,” Willis said.  

Christina Sorgi, who worked as a volunteer for the last six months, feels strongly about the medical and hospitality services the Philly Bully Team provides for dogs, and their ability to give pets a permanent home.  

“The community that Jessica has created is one of my favorite things,” Sorgi said. “There is something special that she has created in the foster network and the way that there is a community in this organization. It’s something that is really unique to the rescue world.”  

People can help Philly Bully Team by donating money to the organization. Individuals can also support them by purchasing their merchandise or buying dog food, dog bones and dog toys from the Philly Bully Team’s wish list. 

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