When students look to cook, grocer will deliver

Because campus does not have a grocery store to meet students’ grocery needs, they look to a local store for delivery.

Every amenity a student could ever desire can be found on Temple’s Main Campus.

The resources are endless, as there are a multitude of eateries, a hair salon, a movie rental business and even a hotel. It seems just one thing is missing – a grocery store.

Temple students often use the delivery service from Genuardi’s supermarket because of the lack of grocery stores around campus (Il Cho/TTN).

While it may not be a big deal for students who frequent the Louis J. Esposito Dining Hall and the Valaida S. Walker Food Court, those without meal plans are left to wander off campus to find groceries. Despite not having a place on campus to purchase groceries, students have found alternative means of obtaining them.

Genuardi’s offers people the convenience of online shopping and home grocery delivery. The grocery store allows anyone to shop from the comfortable setting of their homes, without having to wait long for groceries to arrive.

Undeclared sophomore Mary Wolfe decided to give Genuardi’s home delivery service a chance.

“I received a promotional coupon in the mail for Genuardi’s at-home delivery service,” Wolfe said. “The coupon granted free delivery on the first order, so I decided to give it a try.”

When visiting the Genuardi’s Web site, users enter their zip codes and are directed to stores’ weekly specials. Shoppers can browse aisles to find different types of foods.

The Web site also offers coupons and promotional codes for customers to enter when they check out.
Wolfe enjoys the convenience of the service because it allows her to use her time for something else besides grocery shopping.

“I was able to shop by aisle on the Genuardi’s Web site and even browse through the organic foods, which I opted to purchase,” Wolfe said. “I received my groceries in two business days, during a two-hour time slot that I chose.”

Online shoppers can create accounts with a username and password. Users’ personal information will be saved, and they can return as many times as they prefer. Delivery charges for purchases are as low as $6.95.

Wolfe said she was impressed by the convenience and ease of online grocery shopping.

“I would definitely order from Genuardi’s again,” she said. “The process is easy, and I was satisfied with my experience. Buying groceries and fresh produce in the city can be difficult. This is a great alternative.”

Jillian Crull, a sophomore journalism major, said the lack of grocery stores near campus is an inconvenience for students.

“The cost of parking a car on campus is so high that it is hard for those of us without cars to get the groceries we need,” Crull said.

Crull said the unavailability of affordable parking on campus limits students’ mobility.

“Having a grocery store on campus would be such a convenience,” Crull said. “Not only would the store be filled with students regularly, [but] it would allow those without a car on campus to get groceries efficiently.”

Lauren Sheehan can be reached at lauren.sheehan@temple.edu.

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  1. I hope to attend Temple University and be apart of their journalism program. I just wanted to say that I think that you guys’ newspaper is awesome! Just one of the main reasons why I’ve choosen this university.

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