When the hearts are peace

i am invited to speak with God

there is an oak tree near home with a ring of brick seating. droplets on chlorophyll & my blue jeans, a constellation

i take off my headphones. the reminders no longer rhymes but rhythms


“and not a leaf falls, but He knows it” [6:59]

& here another sign: i inhale the salt breeze
every day, i come here to listen to the silence
of my heart

i am invited to listen to my love

with this light, the sun becomes weary
the breeze echoes with sweet memories to come

alhamdulillah [all praise belongs to God]
only He & i remain under His tree
when the hearts are peace

“for indeed, with hardship there will be ease” [94:5]: His eternal promise

was a sigh turned to prayer.
& here, in this constellation
i am no longer a guest to my life but
stand at the door of gratitude

i am inviting myself into my heart  

Alleh Naqvi
can be reached at alleh.naqvi@temple.edu. Follow The Temple News @TheTempleNews.

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