Where to vote in-person

On Nov. 8, students will head to the polling sites to vote in the upcoming general election. Here’s where you can find polling places near you.


Where to vote in person 

In Philadelphia, polls will be open on Nov. 8 from 7 a.m. and any voter standing in line by 8 p.m. will be able to cast a ballot. 

Pennsylvania voters can use a search engine from Pennsylvania Department of State to find their nearest polling location.  

Pennsylvania does not require voters to present identification to vote. 

Here are the closest polling locations to Main Campus:  

North Central Choice (PHA) 

809 West Berks Street 

Yorktown Arms  

1300 West Jefferson Street 

Bright Hope Baptist Church  

1601 North 12th Street 

Amos Recreation Center  

1817 North 16th Street 

Beckett Gardens Community Center  

1410 North 16th Street 

General George C. Meade Elementary School 

1600 North 18th Street 

Dr. Tanner G. Duckrey Public School  

1501 West Diamond Street 

Midtown Parish United Methodist Church  

718 West Norris Street 

Penrose Recreation Center  

1101 W Susquehanna Avenue  

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