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Wilder’s presence and MSA’s opposition shows free speech in action.

Wilder’s presence and MSA’s opposition shows free speech in action.

In February 2009, Dutch politician Geert Wilders – who once wrote the Koran encourages Muslims “to establish an Islamic state by force” – was deported from the U.K. because he was deemed a danger to public safety. On Oct. 15, 2009 Wilders won an appeal against the decision and is now free to enter the U.K.

Today, Wilders will also be free to wander Main Campus where he will showcase his controversial short film, Fitna, which makes claims Islam validates terrorism.

Temple’s Muslim Student Association issued a statement last week publicly denouncing Temple’s decision to allow Wilders to speak at the university, writing that “the Muslim population at Temple feels attacked, threatened and ultimately unsafe that Mr. Wilders has been invited to voice his hate-driven opinions.”

Consequently, Temple College Republicans and TU Purpose decided to cancel the event. While TUCR wishes to no longer be associated with Wilders’ visit, TU Purpose pushed for Wilders speaking engagement to remain active.

These turn of events serve as a better example of the First Amendment in motion than permitting Wilders to speak in the first place.

MSA voiced their concerns through their statement, which spread ferociously through the blogosphere and warranted a response from David Horowitz, whose organization, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is sponsoring the event.

While we cannot confirm that MSA’s concerns were the sole reason for attempting to cancel the event, the student organization’s indirect influence had a large impact. Though MSA’s main goal – hindering Wilders from coming to Main Campus – was not achieved, the organization should be proud of its efforts.
Regardless, while we empathize with MSA and care for the safety of our student body, Wilders should be given the opportunity to voice his beliefs, and in turn, students should feel free to speak their opposing viewpoints.

We encourage students who disagree with Wilders to be their own judges today. Wilders will be given the chance to voice his beliefs, and it is only fair that the MSA and any other student who finds the politician’s words hurtful voice their beliefs as well.

As a learning institution, Temple is a bustling marketplace of ideas. Wilders, as well as students, will put his thoughts up for sale; no one has to buy into them.

If everyone checks their threatening comments at the door, no violence can ensue from a verbal debate.
Wilders’ words will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers, but if students voice their opinion, his own feathers will not go undisturbed.


  1. If all the peace loving Muslims around the world would have shown their support for peace and their condemnation of violence in a clear and unmistakable way over the last couple of decades, Mr. Wilders would not have any ground to stand on. Unfortunately, he has about 1.4 billion times the ground to stand on. Put that in your (hookah) pipe and smoke it.

  2. Why would anyone want to deprive the Temple student body of hearing one of the most well-known international politicians speak? If it’s such “slander,” then why not go to the speech and ask a question about a slanderous statement? In my opinion, Mr. Wilders is a great defender of peace loving people, regardless of their gender, religion, race, ethnic group, or sexual preference. Congratulations to Temple for having him come speak.

  3. Nick, I’m going to hold a talk about how you were educated by a bunch of pixies. I have made a 15 minute youtube video to support my point. Please come to the talk to ask me any questions you might have.

  4. MSA always invites anti_israel speakers. How does it feel that they get a taste of their own medicine? Political correctness is tyranny with manners. Muslims are just going to have to get used to the fact that not everyone likes their religion. Freedom of speech means protecting unpopular speech. Popular speech doesn’t need protecting. I invite you all to read up on the ideas of John Locke and the founding fathers.

  5. Wilders is forced to have 24 hour security because of threats from Muslims, but Islam is a tolerant religion, right?

    Wilders simply states the truth about Islam which is something Islam cannot allow. Islam cannot allow it because the truth shows the religion to be intolerant, lacking in any compassion and war-mongering.

    Mohammed was a warrior and he and his men pillaged, raped, stole and killed in the name of Islam.

    Those Muslims who speak the truth to the ugliness which is Islam end up like Wilders, i.e., surrounded by armed security to ward off Muslims following their religious code.

    Finally Wilders often refers to Theo Van Gogh a fellow countryman. Van Gogh was brutally murdered by a Muslim because Van Gogh also made films that Muslims could not abide by. Bring a cartoon of Mohammed to the lecture and see where that gets you.

  6. Here is what “tolerant, compassionate and peaceful” Muslims had to say about Wilders visiting England. You can see why he needs a security detailfollowing his every step…


    And here is what “tolerant, compassionate and peace-loving Muslims have to say about jomo-sexuals. Is this why Ahmadinejad says there are no homo-sexuals in Iran? They’re all killed.


  7. In the Koran and in the Hadiths there are many examples of Mohammed lying to his enemies. Mohammed practiced and taught his followers that “War is deceit”.

    We see this today throughout the Islamic world. Yesterday Iranian soilders were attacked by people within Iran, but the Iranian leaders blamed it on America and Britain. The killing fields in Sudan and Somalia are not Islam’s fault. At the UN –an organization controlled by the Islamic block of 57 nations– there is very little condmenation of the genocide occurring in these two countries. Instead the UN saves its wrath for Israel, a country simply trying to survive against the constant Islamic Jihad.

    Again, Mohammed said “War is deceit”.

    When the Muslim Student Body tells you that Islam is a compassionate, tolerant religion, ask them why the elimination of non-Muslims is happening in every single Islamic nation today? Check out the demographic trends in every Muslim coutry. And when doing so remember that Islam is the wrold’s youngest of the major religions. Buddhism and Hinduism preceded it by centuries, as did Judaism, and Christianity did by 700 eyars.

    What happened to all the Buddhists in Afghanistan?

    What happened to the Jews in Yemen and Saudi Arabia? They lived in both these countries a thousand years before Mohammed was born.

    What happened to the Christians living in Tureky? i.5 million Armenian Christians were tortured and killed in and around 1915.

    And what happened to all the Hindus in SE Asia? I have seen extimates suggesting well over 10 million have been killed by the invading Muslim hoardes over the last last 1,300 years.

    “War is deceit” and Islam means peace.

  8. Muhammad was a piece of shit. His religion is causing misery all of the globe. I hate Islam and the Quran.

  9. Personally, I am glad that Wilders still showed up to give his speech. In the future, more students should come to senate meetings if they want their opinions to be heard. There was far more representation on the side of MSA and Wilders protestors than any like the comments on this article. Ultimately, the Senate plays a crucial role in making events like these happen. From the funding of these events to the handling of qualms of different student organizations, TSG provides an open forum that can only really exist if Temple students get involved. Meetings are on Mondays in room 200A of the Student Center at 4 pm.

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