20-year-old man shot Thursday night near Norris Homes

Residents react to the shooting that left a non-temple affiliated man in the hospital

The Philadelphia Police department Central detective division is investigating a shooting that occurred on the corner of 11th and Norris streets at approximately 10:30 p.m. Thursday. The victim of the shooting was a 20-year-old non-Temple-associated male who was shot in his left leg by the offender in a passing vehicle.

Moments after being shot, the man walked around the corner to Warnock Street and received help from a passerby where he was driven to Temple University Hospital for treatment. The man was later said to be in stable condition as the injury was non-lethal. Temple campus police are working with the Philadelphia police to determine the cause of the shooting and locate the offender.

“We’re just speculating at this point that why somebody would come out there and take some shots at someone else,” said Charlie Leone, acting executive director of campus safety services. “Unless there was some previous issue. It seems like it was directed. It didn’t seem like it was random.”

When called onto the scene, police found four shell casings that were processed Friday at the fire arms identification unit that police will be using to identify the gun used.

Residents in the Norris Homes located around the corner heard the three gun shots fired and recalled that multiple shootings have occurred in the area in recent months.

An assessment of TU Alerts, the emergency notification text messages and emails sent out to Temple students and faculty, showed that since April there have been four times where shots were fired near 10th and Norris streets.

“It don’t make no damn sense. I heard the gun shots and lifted up my head and said, ‘I hope it wasn’t my son,’” said one resident in the housing unit.

Residents in the area have said the previous shootings were caused by a young man they call “B” who was later arrested. Residents have also said the shootings last night were caused by a group of young men that live in the area but the residents declined to give names.

“We thought [B] had gotten locked up so we thought it was over. I don’t know if [the dispute] is over,” said Chrissy James, a resident at the LEED-Norris Apartments.

Temple police are advising that students walking through the area proceed with caution or call the escort service that Temple provides when walking to the Temple University regional rail station.

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