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The Editorial Board, which writes unsigned editorial content and is considered the voice of The Temple News, includes the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Supervising Editor, News Editor and Opinion Editor.


Editor-in-Chief: Joe Brandt | 215.204.6737 | Managing Editor: Paige Gross | 215.204.6737 |

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Editorial Staff

News Editor: Julie Christie |
Opinion Editor: Jenny Roberts |
Features Editor: Emily Scott |
Sports Editor: Owen McCue |

Supervising Editor: Michaela Winberg |
Assistant News Editor: Gillian McGoldrick |
Assistant Sports Editor: Evan Easterling |
Deputy Features Editor-Online: Grace Shallow |
Deputy Features Editor-Longform: Erin Moran |

Photography Editor: Brianna Spause |
Assistant Photo Editor: Geneva Heffernan |
Multimedia Editors: Abbie Lee & Linh Than | & 

Design Editor: Finnian Saylor | Designer: Courtney Redmon | Designer: Sasha Lasakow |

Web Manager: Tom Lee | Web Designer: Donna Fanelle |

Business Staff

Advertising Manager: Xiaoye (Spark) Xu |
Business & Marketing Manager: Jeanie Davey |

About the Staff

All staff members are students of Temple University, either undergraduate, graduate or in any of the school’s many, varied professional programs. Our readership includes university students and staff, parents, alumni and surrounding community members. We eagerly accept letters, artwork or other submissions from any readers, regardless of affiliation to Temple, at

Adviser: John DiCarlo