The Temple News’ first-ever Small Business Guide features small businesses owned by students, alumni and North Central residents.


Small businesses are often considered the lifeline of our communities, and if we’ve learned anything from the last year’s COVID-19 restrictions, closures and limitations, it’s that they are essential.

This year, The Temple News is showcasing small businesses on and around Temple University’s Main Campus. From an alumnae who owns her own storefront in Bristol Township, Pennsylvania, to a pair of students starting a screenprinting business in their apartment basement, some small businesses found ways to survive statewide shutdowns and closures for nonessential businesses.

Some students took advantage of their extra time during the pandemic to pick up new hobbies, turning them into profitable businesses. Others expanded their established businesses, reconnecting with their passions and turning their business into a career. When unemployment rates rose last year, some students turned to their small businesses as their main source of income.  

North Central is also home to many small businesses, providing haircuts, hardware, nail art and more to the community. 

When I purchase from a small business, I know the process is deeper than a simple transaction. Buying a handcrafted good or service from someone benefits me, but it helps the seller pay bills, buy groceries or continue their work. Every sale is a success and motivation to continue their livelihood. 

A homemade good or small business service is like buying a part of someone: it’s the product of their labor, creativity and love for their craft, and supporting that passion is meaningful and worthwhile. Take our first ever Small Business Guide issue to learn about small businesses around Temple, and support these entrepreneurs or others in your hometown. 


Emma Padner
Features Editor


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Temple student pours creativity into resin art business

Words by Emma Padner. Landing page by Colin Evans.

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