Joe Frazier’s Gym is closing, not renovating


[In response to [“Joe Frazier’s Gym closes for renovations,” Christopher Wink, April 3, 2008] Speaking as boxer Marianne Marston, I can personally confirm I am not returning to London, whatever Mr. Leslie Wolff says (or might wish).

He might still be Joe Frazier’s manager, but he is most certainly not mine and does not have the authority to speak for me. Marvis Frazier made it quite clear to me – and other fighters – that Frazier’s Gym would not be reopening at all.

If they did intend to reopen and refocus on working with professional fighters, then it is extremely foolish of them to cut all ties with the talent they have already invested so much time in, many of whom are about to turn professional and had extremely lucrative sponsorship deals already in place that were prepared to help pay for the gyms “supposed “ refurbishment.

Speaking for the fighters that were at my apartment this evening who have not yet found alternate gyms to train at, we shall be looking at raising funding to set up our own gym, and intend to use our sponsorship to bring in some of the United States’ and United Kingdom’s finest trainers.

In the event that Mr. Wolff feels the need to act as my press officer in the future, please rest assured he does not have my permission to do so, I have someone who is actually capable of doing the job properly.


Marianne Marston

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