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The business of ignorance

We attended the Social Entrepreneurship Conference on Wednesday, April 11. It was hosted by Temple’s Fox School of Business, entitled “Investing in Urban Communities: Balancing Growth & Inclusion.” Event advertisements encouraged participants to “join a

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A rare and special case

Kaddish Poznan is a failure, an utter, complete miserable failure. But he is also a determined failure, a proud failure, and above all else, a lovable failure. He has already suffered through years of failure,

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Too much to cram for finals

Finals week is upon us and the student body is in rare form. Students are dusting off $80 textbooks they haven’t used all year and are attempting to teach themselves an entire semester’s worth of

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Rocky Road

It’s becoming increasingly harder to remain a day tripper with the sound of some music festivals in the distance. It’s also becoming harder to distinguish some of them from an uninhibited form of summer camp.