A free ride from a football game

Student wins a semester’s tuition at Temple’s first home game of the season against UConn.

Erin Brady had no idea that going to a football game could be so profitable.

After going to Temple’s football home opener against UConn on Saturday, Brady, a sophomore sports management major, might have more incentive to go the games. She’ll also have a lot more money for subway tokens to get to Lincoln Financial Field. The Boyertown, Pa., native won free tuition for a semester at the game.

Erin Brady didn’t expect to win a semester’s tuition by attending the UConn game Saturday (Rachel Playe/TTN).

“This really helps me out a lot,” Brady said. “I’m paying for my education. Hopefully, I can use this money for something else.”

For students hoping to win free tuition, entering the contest was easy. As soon as they entered the Chrysler Jeep Gate at the Linc, students swiped their Owl Cards.

Scott Walcoff, assistant athletic director of marketing and promotions, said the winning student was randomly selected by the computer, which registered the cards. Brady’s name was announced during the third quarter on the public address system and displayed on the scoreboard. and was told to report to the concourse behind Section 116.

Temple’s Computer Services aided in the technological aspects of the event.

The win was shocking for Brady, who didn’t even know what was happening.

“I actually wasn’t paying attention,” Brady said. “All of my friends started screaming and jumping around, then I started screaming and jumping around.”

After realizing what happened to her, she met Walcoff, who congratulated her and took her to the center of the field, where she was publicly recognized during the fourth quarter.

“I called my mom as soon as I found out. She couldn’t believe it,” Brady said. “She didn’t understand at first. I had to explain myself a few times and she was happy.”

The contest was used as a means to “give extra incentive to attend our home opener,” Walcoff said. “What student wouldn’t want to attend?”

Tropical Storm Hanna pounded the East Coast and almost kept Brady at home, but the chance of winning free tuition motivated her to attend despite harsh weather conditions.

“We were debating whether we were going to go,” she said. But when she woke up Saturday morning before the downpour began, she decided the weather wasn’t troublesome enough to prevent her from going.

As the rain continued to pour, Brady considered going home, but the possibility of receiving thousands of dollars kept her in the rain.

“Around halftime, we were thinking about leaving,” Brady said. “But we wanted to see who won a free semester, so we stuck it out.”

“I really didn’t think I was going to win. I knew a lot of people weren’t going to go to the game, so I thought it would better my chances,” she said.

Brady has been an avid supporter of Temple’s sports teams since her freshman year and goes to as many games as she can.

“I had a Wild Cherry Pass last year and went to all of the home games,” she said.

“It paid off to go to the first one. I’m definitely going to more of the home football games,” Brady said.

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