A message from Senior Staff on recent content

The Temple News is changing aspects of its editorial processes.

Throughout its 101-year history, The Temple News has prided itself on being an outlet that provides accurate, fair and informative content to the Temple and North Central communities. 

Recent articles have not met those standards. Two Features stories, shown online and in the Oct. 11 print issue of The Temple News, featured misattributions, inaccuracies and out-of-context information — a disappointment to the core beliefs of our publication. Corrections for these stories will be listed online as changes are made to the stories.

The Temple News’ Editor-in-Chief spoke with the involved parties, including the reporters and affected sources, and took the appropriate course of action, which resulted in staff changes and adjustments within future editorial processes. 

Previously, The Temple News did not require section editors and reporters to submit their interview transcripts for fact-checking, although some editors did anyways. For the foreseeable future, editors and reporters will be required to submit all their recordings and transcripts to the Digital and Print Chief Copy Editors for review before publication to help ensure that all content is presented accurately and fairly. 

Additionally, The Temple News is committed to educating our staff on trauma-informed reporting moving forward. We plan to do this by holding informative presentations and conversations with all staff members, including those who are tasked with covering topics like gun violence, sexual harassment or assault and other traumatic events. 

The Editor-in-Chief, Digital and Print Managing Editors and Chief Copy Editors would like to apologize to our readers for the lapses in our publication’s judgment and promise to continue to hold all of our staff members to the highest possible journalistic standards.

For any additional comments or questions about our editorial processes please contact editor@temple-news.com

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