A united front

Collaboration between different platforms of student media should be encouraged.

Every Saturday at 2 p.m., reporters from The Temple News will appear on WHIP, Temple’s student-run radio station. On “Temple News Hour,” our writers discuss their beats, contacts and stories—basically, do what they do best.

This collaboration comes after years of searching for ways to bridge platforms of student media at Temple. As a group of not just reporters, but students, it’s obvious this collaboration can only be beneficial to our audiences.

Students should be able to listen to WHIP, read The Temple News, watch TUTV and receive their degree with a Templar yearbook, not just as a professional in their field, but an informed member of the Temple community.

Pulling resources, information, ideas and most importantly, good reporting, can only better serve the Temple community and student reporters. Instead of competing with each other for opportunities, internal competition should be healthy. And in the end, born of that competition should be clever, competent, accurate reporting.

We stand by more of these collaborations within the journalists at Temple. But one Saturday show on the radio isn’t nearly a big enough step. The Temple News has seen time and time again how much of an impact we make in media city-wide, so it’s time for us to seriously consider how we can forge together to create more opportunities for incoming journalists and a more united front of media here.

After all, a watchdog is a watchdog.

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