Joseph Christian
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Dear Editor,

Choice. This is such a weighted word these days. It is most well know in the phrase “A women’s right to choose”. Is it anyone’s right to chose the death of another? No! Then why is it today it is the right of women, couple, or whoever it is to end the life of another human being by abortion. Yes abortion is murder. This has been an especially hot topic around campus the last few weeks and will continue to be a hot topic like it has always been. I know that many on campus disagree with the statement abortion is murder as seen by recent articles in Temple News. So lets really look at the issue.
Since 1973 when abortion was legalized in the United States around 45 million babies have been killed. That is about 4,000 a day or one in every possible three births. Here in Philadelphia during 2001 Planned Parenthood in Center City performed 4127 abortions and over the last 5 years Temple Hospital has performed 89 abortions. These figures themselves are staggering. But even more staggering is the fact that in the state of Virginia it is illegal to kill an unborn Bald Eagle by smashing a Bald Eagle’s egg. However, in the State of Virginia it is perfectly legal to rip a baby limb by limb, in some cases, out of its mother’s womb. Have we digressed to the point that the life of an animal is more important than the life of a human being? Further more, after six weeks a baby’s heart is formed and beating. Babies born prematurely in the 24 week of pregnancy have lived and are health members of society today yet at 24 weeks at least 8 clinics in the Philadelphia area will gladly dispose of your baby.
The pictures that Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) had on campus Oct. 14 and 15 were completely real. Many were in fact of 1st trimester abortions. During the first trimester a baby’s body and limbs can be distinguished although the baby is very small (not much bigger than a dime). Yet abortionists will literally cut and then suck these babies out of the mother. Abortion is not a pretty thing. It is a bloody, murderous process.
Wake up! We did not come here by chance, God created us (Ps 119:13). We have a purpose and it is not to be killed in our mother’s womb. What crime did these innocent babies commit to deserve death? Why are we treating them like criminals and trash? Why would anyone want to support organizations on Temple’s Campus that support and claim that such a sick act of murder is a choice. Stand up against this outrage do not let the blood of the innocent be spilled on you too through support of death. To those that support abortion I have one thing to say. Thank God that your mother did not consider you a mass of unwanted tissue but instead bore you into this world because she knew that you were a human being.

With Great Concern,
Joe Christian

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