Administrator offers support following weeks of tragedy

The vice president of Student Affairs writes that the university offers support following tragedies.

We all have been deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of three of our Temple students this semester. The quick succession of these events has left our Temple community stunned. These were exceptional young people, full of promise for the future, and we grieve these losses deeply.

Moreover, these deaths have occurred during a time of unrest on campuses across the nation, several national tragedies and a series of hurricanes devastating Houston, South Florida, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. These natural disasters have ravaged the hometowns of some of our own students.

It is a stressful time for students, faculty and staff. We feel the pain shared by all, and we want to express our compassion and concern for our community, including the extended community of the relatives of affected students.

We stand ready to offer you our support. First and foremost, Tuttleman Counseling Services is available to all students and is easily accessible through daily walk-in hours, with night and weekend hours as well.

Second, faculty and staff can offer you support and comfort as you process the challenges we face today. Let us know what you need. Ask for help from Temple professors, advisers, resident assistants, coaches, mentors, student leaders, Student Affairs staff, doctors, nurses, etc. We are here for you and are truly invested in your well-being.

Third, Temple offices such as IDEAL, the Wellness Resource Center and the Dean of Students Office can provide you connection and comfort. Finally, there are numerous faith communities on and around campus that can provide support.

We hope that these resources may be of some assistance to you or to anyone you know who has been affected by these tragedies. We remain together as one Temple family, united through challenges. Please let us know if you need help.

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