AlliedBarton guards finally get their due


As a member of the Student Labor Action Project here at Temple, I was overjoyed to stumble upon Thursday’s daily e-mail announcements. I learned that the Temple administration has finally granted the hard-working AlliedBarton guards on campus three paid sick days (replacing their previous policy which granted them none). Although elated by the news, I soon began to wonder, what’s next? After much urging, Temple has finally decided to follow in the University of Pennsylvania’s footsteps.

However, is this a sign that Temple is ready to step up and finally practice what they preach by showing respect for their workers and members of the community? Is it Temple’s turn to take the lead over non-union, friendly Penn, setting an example for employers throughout the city that hard work should be fairly compensated at all levels? Whatever the future may hold, one thing is certain. Temple SLAP and the various other groups that have formed a coalition to work alongside the AlliedBarton guards will persevere. Congratulations to the guards, the local faith leaders, Jobs With Justice, student organizers and supporters, and all others who have stood up for the campaign to bring about social justice.

Jamie Papada
American Studies
Class of 2008

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