Allocations reform dominates Senate meeting

Monday’s Temple Student Government Senate meeting largely centered on allocations reform.

Monday’s Temple Student Government Senate meeting largely centered on allocations reform.

Allocations chair Gaelle Amazan and Sen. Alex Barnett introduced a bill outlining certain aspects of allocations reform.

Some of the announced subjects were funding for transportation and defining the term banquet in the allocations code.

The most contentious proposal was for mini senate allocations meetings to occur on the off-weeks of regular Senate meetings. These meetings would presumably create more efficiency and allow allocations bills to be passed every week. Allocations would be the only topic at these meetings. The minimum attendance would be seven senators along with the parliamentarian and the senate president.

Many senators questioned the clarity of this rule and debated its importance. Since there are close to seven members on the allocations committee, it might end up with only them attending and passing these bills.

Sen. Dusha Holmes motioned that the allocations committee vote on and approve the bills at the committee meetings. The motion did not pass because many senators voiced concern that this would take power away from the senate.

Sen. Alexa Peffer motioned that any senator outside the committee could attend the allocations meetings and vote along with the committee members

Parliamentarian Monica Rindfleisch looked into the constitution and saw that this was considered unconstitutional. Bills can never be voted on in committees, it has to be done at a separate meeting.

Sen. Kylie Patterson suggested that there be a mandatory ratio of allocations committee members and senators attending these separate senate meetings. The suggestion was not made into a motion.

Student-body President Nadine Mompremier asked that the Senate to table this bill and have the Government Operations committee clarify some points.

“We have other pressing matters that need to be addressed,” Mompremier said.
After more than an hour of discussion, Senate President Jeff Dempsey motioned to end discussion and to table the bill. The bill will be settled at the next Senate meeting.

“Reform comes in waves and we do have time to address these issues,” Dempsey said.
With only 15 minutes left, the Senate passed an act approving the new elections code and a resolution that supports TSG Ambler’s petition to give commuting students the option to opt out of the Student Health fee.

The senate ended the meeting after passing the next 20 allocations bills.
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