Alumna represents Canada in Miss World

The thought of competing in a beauty pageant never crossed her mind. She never liked dressing up, doing her hair or putting on makeup. While at Temple, she spent her time playing volleyball, jogging in

The thought of competing in a beauty pageant never crossed her mind. She never liked dressing up, doing her hair or putting on makeup. While at Temple, she spent her time playing volleyball, jogging in Fairmount Park and going out in Old City.

A few years ago 25-year-old Magolsia Majewska was just like any other person sitting next to you in class. Now she’s Miss World Canada.

Majewska decided to compete for the Miss World Canada title after a friend suggested the idea. It was the first pageant she had ever competed in – and she won.

“I was never really interested in pageants. I thought I’d do it to practice my public speaking skills” Majewska said, after admitting that she’s always had a fear to speak in front of large groups. “I’ve always been into sports. I never even wore makeup.”

Although it was her first pageant, it wouldn’t be her last. Along with the title of Miss World Canada came prizes of gowns, makeup, hair care products and an all-expense paid ticket to Warsaw, Poland to compete in the Miss World 2006 beauty contest.

Competing against 103 other women hailing from six continents, the Poland native had an advantage – she spoke their language.

“I’m Polish, so I was really popular there,” Majewska said. “The media loved me.”

Majewska said some of the most memorable experiences from the pageant were getting to spend time with all the girls, and the welcoming she got from fans.

Another part of her home-team advantage was her support group of family and friends living in Poland.

“My family lives in Canada, but my grandmother lives in Poland, so she was able to be there while it was going on,” she said.

The competition began Sept. 1. From there on out, the contestants were forced to spend all their time together, touring various Eastern European countries.

“I loved when we got the chance to go to orphanages to see kids,” Majewska said. “Seeing the smiles on their faces if only for just one day, that really made my day.”

Majewska said they had to be ready at all times to attend photo shoots, galas and events.

“They never told us what we were doing. We always had to have makeup ready and hair done and a few outfits planned,” she said. “It was a learning process, but by the end, we were ready.”

The judging took place on Sept. 30 and consisted of categories of swimwear, talent and sports. Majewska finished top 20 in all three and won the sports competition, which fast-tracked her to the top 16 for final judging.

Majewska didn’t win Miss World, but has no regrets about her experience.

“Any experience is a great experience. You try to improve yourself as a person, not to what you think [the judges] want,” she said.

Majewska said pageants aren’t exactly what one might expect them to be.

“People think that it’s all girls trying to be pretty. A lot of these girls are really smart and have done really great things. Australia [Sabrina Housammi] raised $1.2 million for a charity,” she said.

Majewska moved to Canada, where she now resides in Brampton, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. Majewska decided to come to Temple after receiving an athletic scholarship for volleyball.

Majewska currently works for News Marketing Canada in the merchandise sales division, but is taking time off right now to participate in Toronto Fashion Week.

What’s next for Miss World Canada?

Throughout the next year she will volunteer for Rock Solid Foundation, a program that raises awareness against violence and bullying in schools.

“I just want to find a job that I love,” she said. “Eventually, I’ll have to start thinking about building a family.”

Between athletics and pageants, Majewska said she can always pass on her experiences to her family and friend.

“I didn’t even think I was going to be a finalist in Canada,” she said.

“It’s not even something I’ve even considered in my life.”

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