Ambler Coverage

The Temple News presents collaborative coverage of Temple’s Ambler Campus.

Originally the Pennsylvania School of Horticulture for Women, 101 years later Ambler Campus looks pretty different. During the past academic year, as Ambler celebrated its 100th year anniversary, and The Temple News began to notice its lack of coverage on our neighbors 16-miles to the north.

As with any other 100-plus-year-old institution, Ambler Campus has changed dramatically since its founding. In its more recent history, Ambler Campus has seen a  shift from a residential to a commuter campus, dwindling funding – its operating budget has dropped by approximately $420,000 in the past three fiscal years – and a decrease in attendance, but consistently active student organizations.

The Temple News wanted to take an opportunity to acknowledge the rich history of Ambler and to paint a picture of what it is like to be a student there. The history of Ambler Campus is Temple’s history too, and as a Temple student, worth knowing.

This week you might notice the front page of The Temple News and Living and Sports’ section fronts have their fair share of Ambler-oriented coverage. The Temple News considers the history and future of this campus relevant to students on Main Campus, and thought it was worth collaborative coverage between our newspaper sections. In News, Sean Carlin [“Storied campus takes new role,” p. 1] writes about the rich history and changing landscape of Ambler Campus. In Living, Lauren Hertzler [“Ambler thrives as commuter campus,” p. 7] writes about student life at Ambler. In Sports, Colin Tansits [“Ambler shapes athletics,” p. 20] writes about Ambler’s sports fields.

Although it lacks the buzz of our North Philly Main Campus, students who attend Ambler Campus are still making the most out of their college experience.

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