Board of Trustees authorizes acquisition of nearby 7-Eleven property

The Board also approved the beginning stages of construction on the 12th Street Vendor Pad.

Temple is authorized to acquire the 7-Eleven property, and its accompanying parking lot, for more than $4 million. | JARED TATZ / THE TEMPLE NEWS

At their meeting Tuesday, Temple University’s Board of Trustees approved university development projects including the more than $4 million acquisition of 7-Eleven’s property and its accompanying parking lot on Broad Street near Diamond.

Temple is authorized to take on the convenience store’s existing lease, which ends in January 2024 with three five-year renewal options, according to the meeting agenda. The university views the move as a “strategic acquisition” that would ensure continuous Temple-owned property along the 2000 block of North Broad Street. 

Trustees also approved the beginning stages of construction for the Vendor Pad, the row of restaurants located near Mazur and Gladfelter Halls, on 12th Street near Polett Walk. 

The project at the Vendor Pad, which has not received significant updates, besides furniture, since the 1990s, is aimed at cultivating an improved outdoor dining experience for students and will include a new design layout, landscaping, paving, plants, furniture and lighting. Temple will also examine the area to see if seating capacity can be increased.

The Board authorized other development-related items including elevator modernization at the Kornberg School of Dentistry and roof protection at the Health Sciences Campus.

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