Bold restaurants can get your heart racing

Spontaneity is for the weak, if you want to be a good valentine you must plan ahead. There is less than a week left until the big day so get your act together. Let’s see:

Spontaneity is for the weak, if you want to be a good valentine you must plan ahead. There is less than a week left until the big day so get your act together. Let’s see: Gift? Check. Flowers? Check. Card? Check. What’s left? Oh yeah, the restaurant reservations. Try these local favorites for a great Valentine’s Day dinner.


Wishing you could spend Valentine’s Day in the Caribbean but can’t afford a cruise with your special somebody? This Northern Liberties favorite describes itself as a “Vacation Style Restaurant,” and definitely lives up to that with its beach chic décor and tropical inspired food.


The name alone should draw you here, not to mention get you some action. The Spanish Nuevo cuisine has garnered this Philly establishment rave reviews from national publications like Gourmet Magazine.

Friday Saturday Sunday

This Philadelphia favorite has been around for almost 30 years so you know they must be doing something right. Small, cozy, relaxed and reassuringly timeless, Friday Saturday Sunday is sure to please your valentine. Ask to sit upstairs, try the mushroom soup and for the over 21 crowd wine bottles are only $10 above cost.

La Viola

This cute little Italian BYOB redefines charming. The small and intimate dining room is staffed by attentive servers knowledgeable about the kitchens delights. This menu is a great value.


Serving traditional Spanish food from the island of its namesake, this restaurant dishes up some great seafood among other things. The paella is particularly tasty. Entrées priced $11.95 -$27.95.


Italian, romantic, elegant décor, and candles, yep I think that’s the recipe for a perfect Valentines Day. This elegant Art Museum area restaurant offers plenty of choices on its lengthy menu.

Beau Monde

This South Philly crêperie serves delicious savory buckwheat and sweet flour crêpes in the form of entrées and desserts among romantic French decor. If folded food isn’t your thing, they also offer a variety of non-crêpe specials that change weekly.


Sleek and hip, this Old City hot spot is a great place to impress your date. The restaurant’s floor glows and changes colors giving this restaurant its sexy appeal while the kitchen serves Italian fare that is simple and delicious.


This cash-only BYOB is little, but very charming. Like the restaurant, the menu is small, but changes frequently so there is always something new and surprising to find.


Farmacia’s chef loves to use fresh local ingredients to create his menu. Ask to sit in the front window tables. They have cushy seats that are great for lounging and flirting while sitting side by side. Entrée prices change with the menu.

Now start dialing, and don’t give up till you have a reservation or your fingers are raw, preferably the former.

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Romantic Restaurants:

1. Azure: 931 N. Second St.
(215) 629-0500
Entrées : $7-$15

2. ¡Pasion!: 211 S. 15th St.
(215) 875-9895
Entrées : from $19

3.Friday Saturday Sunday: 261 S. 21st St.
(215) 546-4232
Entrées : $17-$25

4. La viola: 253 S. 16th St.
(215) 735-8630
Entrées : $9-$14

5. Mallorca: 119 South St.
(215) 351-6652
Entrées : $11.95-27.95

6. Illuminare:
2321 Fairmount Ave.
(215) 765-0202
Entrées : $11-$25

7. Beau Monde: Sixth and Bainbridge streets
(215) 592-0656
Crêpes from $8.50

8. dolce: 241 Chestnut St.
(215) 238-9983
Entrées : $14-$25

9. Pumpkin: 1713 South St.
(215) 215-545-4448
Entrées : from $20

10. Farmacia: 15 S. Third St.
(215) 627-6274
Entrées : $10-$21

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