Bosak: Delivering an ode to SEPTA

In traditional ode form, Bosak derides the ‘People of Septa’ Facebook and discusses SEPTA’s charm.

Bri Bosak

Bri BosakRecently a website was brought to my
attention. A Facebook, you might have seen.
Vicious. A Facebook that many decry.
For its comments are cruel, and pictures mean.
Calling a mother with her kids, “Welfare
Collecting Savages” is never OK.
Rather than make fun of the poor and fat
And mentally ill, to which I despair,
The People of Septa Facebook should pay
Homage to the real things of which we chat.
About the baby turtles being sold,
That man, his Shakespearean soliloquies.
When I spoke with Carolyn Mack, she told
me about all the funny things she sees.
Mack, a senior major in public health,
says that, “Without SEPTA, I would be stuck.”
“Or I might be out a lot of money.”
Honestly SEPTA, you are pretty stealth.
One reason I wish that site didn’t suck
And misconstrue what makes SEPTA funny.
Oh Market-Frankford line, oh Broad Street line,
Oh regional rails-a-shining… The way
you afford me a few glasses of wine
and a ride home when I call it a day,
it’s for these reasons a “thank you” seems fit.
And of course, your people-watching is great.
So I guess I don’t find SEPTA too shabby,
I’ll even admit, I really like it.
In reality, what I truly hate
Is having to ride home with a cabbie.

Bri Bosak can be reached at or on Twitter @BriBosak.

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