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We’ve all dealt with Student Financial Services’ waiting room, Johnson and Hardwick’s questionable food and all-nighters in the TECH Center, but below you’ll find The Temple News’ bucket list of things every student should do before the “Pomp and Circumstance.”

1. Listen to the “Acres of Diamonds” speech

Perhaps the most-delivered speech in history, Russell Conwell orated the “Acres of Diamonds” speech more than 5,000 times during his lifetime. Conwell tells of a popular legend he heard while in a camel caravan down the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in 1870. The tale features a Persian farmer, Ali Hafed, who deserted his farmland to search for a fabled diamond field. Years later, Hafed died a poor and weary old man. It is later discovered that the acres of diamonds were in Hafed’s farm.

Conwell found the story inspirational, and recounted it in his speech by reminding the audience that the acres of diamonds they seek are not tangible, but metaphorically fill the city of Philadelphia as opportunity, if they only seek it.

As the founder of Temple, Conwell is now buried in Founder’s Circle among his own diamonds, where he, more than 150 years ago, founded and cultivated education and prosperity. Before any Owl leaves Main Campus, they should listen to this immortalized speech as a reminder that success is not far away, but in one’s own back yard.

2. Show your Cherry and White pride

Temple’s football and basketball tradition may not be as deeply engrained in university cultures as, say, Penn State’s, but that doesn’t mean as Owls we have any less pride. If you haven’t yet, you should join the Cherry Crusaders for a game. Paint your body Cherry and White, tailgate with fellow Owls and scream your lungs out, cheering on your team. Not sure how? Here’s the beginning of our Fight Song:

“T for Temple U, Un-i-ver-sity! Fight! Fight! Fight! For the Cherry and the White, for the Cherry and the White we’ll fight, fight, fight!”

A team is only as strong as its fans. Get down to Lincoln Financial Field or the Liacouras Center to cheer on all your fellow students.

Take the half-court shot and win some cash while you’re at it.

3. Become a legend

The four-plus years you’re spending on Main Campus are more than just hours slaving away in the TECH Center under stacks of psychology dissertations, or in a chemistry lab reeking of formaldehyde. These are the years to get lost, to find yourself, to forge a new path and to make a new name. And what better way to do that than to be the next big campus sensation?

Besides, someone needs to put a stop to the Temple University Memes.

Go streaking past the Bell Tower, horse mask optional. Take a cue from the likes of Mark Zuckerburg, Alexis Ohanian and Seth Berkowitz and start your own company. Organize a campus-wide rally. Become the next Temple Student Government student body president.

4. Party your heart out

While you’re not slaving away for your psych professor or becoming famous, take a little time to unwind from the stresses of your early 20s before the responsibilities of your mid-20s kick in.

Party with the Greeks at one of Main Campus’ many fraternity houses, head down to West Philly for some crazy underground raves, mosh at a house show, flirt with the bassist, drink until you puke, then keep drinking, dress up in a toga or skip the clothes altogether for an ABC party.

Break out of your shell and experiment with some things that should be socially unacceptable, but inexplicably aren’t during the time-warp that is your college years. Legally, we can’t tell you how to spend your partying daze, but with a little imagination and a cue from “National Lampoon’s Animal House” or “Old School” for some inspiration.

5. Leave the comfort zone

Although Temple is heralded as having one of themost diverse student bodies among U.S. colleges and universities, it’s easy to get caught up in cliques on Main Campus.

Take advantage of one of Temple’s study abroad or exchange options, which include Italy, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Oman, India and China. While you’re abroad, soak up the sights and languages, and be fully prepared to come home for a  culture shock.

If you’re not one for travel, explore the academic options and change your major. Change out the suit and tie for an artic’s apron, or abandon the scientific studies for the religious. If we haven’t stressed it enough, this is the time to experiment. Immerse yourself fully in a new academic discipline. You’d be surprised what you learn about yourself in the process.

6. Make some BFFs

When we left high school, we all promised to be friends forever. It’s a hard promise to maintain, and often moving away from each other puts stresses on those relationships.

While you’re here, forge some new friendships, find your future maid of honor or best man, hell, even your future spouse.

You’ve suffered together through SFS debacles, that insane capstone class and the upsets and victories of the athletics teams. Your bond is irreplaceable. Just don’t let them tell your future kids about that “one crazy night in college.”

-Alexis Sachdev

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