Call for compromise

A union to represent the adjunct faculty at Temple might be what is best for optimal student learning.

About two weeks ago, a planned conference call between adjunct and adjunct representatives and Temple never happened. The call was one that’s been in the works for some time – it hoped to compromise on a date for an election that would decide whether or not to unionize Temple’s adjunct professors with the Temple Association of University Professionals.

 Officials from the university told Art Hochner, president of TAUP, that the call was canceled because of “technical and legal objections” they raised against the adjuncts’ requests, which included wage security among other benefits. Now, a hearing between the parties will be held in March 19 in Harrisburg to determine further steps.

 And though we don’t know exactly what the university is thinking at this time, adjunct and adjunct representatives have expressed concern to The Temple News that the university is doing what it can to prevent unionization.

 In response, all faculty were asked to join in a rally for National Adjunct Action Week on the corner of Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue. The rally was also in support of setting an election date.

 As a student-run newspaper, The Temple News supports any and all efforts to improve learning conditions.

 We reported last spring that part-time professors make up about 43 percent of educators at the university, not including medical school faculty. Those instructors expressed concern over not being able to have their own offices, abrupt class cancellation and having to work multiple jobs to make ends meet which had the potential to compromise education quality.

 Unionization may not be the answer to all of these concerns, but it’s a step – though we recognize that not all adjuncts are in support. Regardless, we hope that the two parties are able to come to a compromise sooner rather than later.

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