City becomes buried in debt, trash

Where you’ll stand if Plan C is implemented in Philadelphia.

Where you’ll stand if Plan C is implemented in Philadelphia.

If mom can’t pick up after you, the city won’t either:
Trash collection will change to biweekly, making pizza boxes and bottles your front porch decorations. The citywide cleaning budget will also be reduced by $1.7 million.

Diversity, schmer-sity:
The Office of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy, created more than a year ago in July 2008, will suffer an early death. Money poured into cultural programs across the city, including art education for Philadelphia’s youth, will be cut by $3.9 million. A total of $1 million will be eliminated
from the Mural Arts Program’s budget as well.

Art and Culture trips just got worse:
The city typically provides funds for Philadelphia museums,
but to save $2.4 million, the Art Museum,
Atwater Kent Museum and African American Museum
will no longer receive financial support.

Sayonara to library options:
Managing to uphold a strong spine for 115 years,
the Free Library of Philadelphia will close all 53
branches, leaving Paley Library as students’ only
option – along with the community’s.

A permanent timeout:
Recess time will be gone – as well as 520
positions at the potentially dismantled
Recreation Department, which oversees the
city’s senior adult centers, ball fields,
swimming pools and playgrounds.

Leaving the city ablaze:
Six engine companies and three ladder companies
will close, leaving 36 officers, 120 firefighters and
40 paramedics jobless.

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  1. What right does the Government have to fund all these activities? You act as if the government is stealing from us by dropping these programs. Quite the opposite, the government is stealing from us to keep these kind of programs running.

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