Coalition shows commitment

Temple University joined the Climate Collaborative of Greater Philadelphia, a coalition of non-profit organizations, businesses and government agencies seeking to improve sustainability efforts in the city. 

This move comes after their April decision to release an updated 2019 Climate Action Plan with details on how Temple will reduce its carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050. The plan mapped out Temple’s goals to seek outside renewable energy providers, promote sustainability education during new student orientation and implement more eco-friendly recycling systems.

The Editorial Board commends the university for its continued efforts to promote sustainability throughout the city, and we urge it to continue this approach into the future. We recognize that the university has been committed to combating climate change since 2008, and we are impressed that the university has regularly adapted its efforts.

With a student population of about 40,000, Temple is responsible for promoting sustainable behavior among its students and community members, and joining this coalition furthers this effort. 

In order to keep global carbon emissions at a safe and sustainable level of 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050, we need to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions significantly, BBC reported. That requires immediate action, and when universities, like Temple, lead in this initiative, that goal feels more attainable.

Editor’s Note: News Editor Colin Evans, a member of the Editorial Board, wrote the accompanying news story. He played no part in the writing of this editorial. 

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