College deans advise TSG senators

Deans of Temple’s schools and colleges stressed the importance of communication to have a successful senate.

Administration representatives attended the TSG Senate “Meet the Senator” event on Monday.

Representatives from the School of Communications and Theater, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Education, the School of Social Administration, the College of Science and Technology, and the Tyler School of Art came to the meeting to discuss their school or college and what they would like to see done at their school.

“I have worked in this university for a long time. I have been good to it. It has been good to me. I can be good to you,” said Gradette Willis, the director of admissions and student services for the School of Social Administration.

The senators asked questions about how to reach students in their schools, how the designing of their Web sites work, and how to bring more unity with all the schools.

Many of the deans advised the senators to attend the freshman seminar classes as guest speakers. Others suggested meeting with the deans or getting on the listservs for their appropriate schools.

“Anything with food will bring people out,” said Nita Guzman from the College of Education.

Although the deans tried to keep it light by making jokes, they remained serious about the need for communication within all the different colleges.

Willis told the senators that they needed to become a “resource base” for the students to make sure that they get what they need.

So far the senate has started a committee to address the problems of advising and made a resolution to encourage instructors to hand in their book lists early.

Almost all the positions for senators are filled so that almost all the schools are represented. The senators are still trying to work out committee meeting times and get more awareness within their schools.

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