Community to meet on possible stadium

The meeting is set for tonight at the Amos Recreation Center.

Will Mundy, head of the Page Street Garden Residential Association, talks at a “Stadium Stompers” meeting Feb. 25. | PATRICK CLARK TTN FILE PHOTO

Homeowners and residents are invited to a community meeting to hold discussions and receive updates about upcoming events and recent happenings in the Amos Recreation Center at 16th and Berks streets, at 6 p.m. today.

On the agenda is information for homeowners, a discussion about the proposed Temple football stadium, plans for a new bank in the area, guidelines on voting in the primary election and a public comment and Q&A portion at the end.

At least 15 block captains will be in attendance, said Will Mundy, head of the Page Street Garden Residential Association and the block captain of the 1600 block of Page Street.

Local politicians have also been invited to attend. Temple had not been sent a formal invitation to attend, but Mundy said anyone in this area is welcome, including Temple administration.

“We welcome the exchange of communicating with Temple representatives with open arms,” Mundy said. “That’s what it’s all about, because that’s what it hasn’t been—there’s been no communication with the community.”

Beverly Coleman, Temple’s assistant vice president for Community Relations and Economic Development, said Friday she hadn’t heard of the meeting, but added she would consider sending someone from her office.

“So many people are convening meetings … as sort of a divide-and-conquer tactic,” said Judith Robinson, leader of the 32nd Democratic Ward. She said her organization will meet at Amos on March 16.

Robinson added she met with Andrea Swan of the university’s Office of Community Relations late last month, and is trying to be “as clear as possible” when talking with other community members about the stadium.

At the meeting, leaders will provide the latest on the stadium feasibility study, which the Board of Trustees approved on Feb. 8.

At the community meeting, residents will receive information packets about a “Stadium Stompers” open forum on Thursday, held a few blocks away at the Church of the Advocate. University trustees have been invited to this meeting, Mundy said.

“Residents and homeowners will be updated concerning activities that have taken place since our last meeting and be given information concerning the Board of Trustees’ decision,” Mundy said. “We can come up with positive input with the architect who’s been secured by Temple University to conduct the feasibility study that community and homeowners will play an important part in all phases of what constitutes a feasibility study.”

The public bank update will include information about a national bank, which is exploring building a bank in the neighborhood. Additionally, local politicians who attend will give updates on their campaigns.

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