Community Voice: Harmless and home for the holidays

Ruby Singleton said she understands why some people might be offended that the name of theholiday market in Center City is called the “Christmas Village.”

However, Singleton, 46, said she thought the name of the village, located at Dilworth Plaza on the northwest side of City Hall, was harmless.

“If it doesn’t really offend anyone, we all need to let the argument go,” she said. “The village is nice, especially for people coming out of town.”

JOSH FERNANDEZ TTN Ruby Singleton, 46, thought the name "Christmas Village" meant no harm, and thinks the holidays are too focused on gift-giving and not enough on family.

“And it’s beautiful and festive,” Singleton added. “So as long as it’s not seriously offending anyone, I think it’s OK.”

Singleton said she and her family celebrate Christmas, and this year is particularly special for them because her daughter returned from the United States Navy.

“My family and I celebrate the holiday as the birth of Jesus Christ, and we celebrate our family,” she said. “This time is important because we get together and celebrate all of that together.”

Singleton said her family exchanges gifts, but the way they celebrate Christmas is not fixated on what they bought one another.

“It’s all really commercialized,” she said. “The [Christmas] Village is pretty, but the arguing was all over a place where people can buy gifts.”

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