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Administrators should take into account travel feasibility for everyone on Main Campus.

The blizzard of ’96 in Philadelphia was devastating—more than 2,000 tons of snow were dumped into the Schuylkill. On Jan. 11 of that year the New York Times reported the city received almost 30 inches, a city record.

This past weekend we received over 20 inches. We’re 11 inches short of setting another record, but the effects of Winter Storm Jonas proved to be a challenge for Philadelphians commuting to work and school, moving their buried cars and trying to shovel their front stoops.

Monday morning had its challenges for the large commuter population. Members of our own staff stumbled into work with stories of fender benders, delayed trains, slipping on ice and navigating through unplowed streets in other areas of the city.

While we don’t expect the university to take into account every possible obstacle for commuting students, faculty and staff, we do expect the university to recognize where individuals coming to Main Campus are coming from.

As a commuter school, it’s fair for us to ask—not for a day off with every blizzard—but for cautioned to be exercised in regard to turbulent weather.

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