Cyclists get free locks through new CSS program

Campus Safety pairs with Breakaway Bikes to issue vouchers for students who register.

Campus Safety pairs with Breakaway Bikes to issue vouchers for students who register.

LEE MILLER TTN < br/>Students who register their bikes at Campus Safety receive vouchers for free locks from Breakaway Bikes.

A two-wheel typhoon is flooding Main Campus, as more and more people are using bicycles as their main mode of transportation. Bike racks are filled, while fences hold leftover bikes like art on gallery walls.

To ensure the safety of these bikes, Campus Safety Services and Breakaway Bikes are teaming up to offer free bike locks to students.

Students can go to CSS to register their bikes, where they’ll receive a voucher for a free lock from Breakaway Bikes’ truck, located on 13th Street at Norris Street.

Breakaway Bikes completes the process by billing CSS for the locks.

“It’s so much easier for us and the students,” CSS Executive Director Carl Bittenbender said.

In past years, CSS gave bike locks from its headquarters at 1101 W. Montgomery Ave., but it faced problems maintaining a supplier.

“We weren’t consistent with the brands of locks, and we often did not have enough locks,” Bittenbender said.

Breakaway Bikes typically purchases 100 Kryptonite bike locks at a time from a wholesaler, which are then sold for $25 each.

Both Bittenbender and Jay Gurcsik, a senior marketing major and Breakaway Bikes employee, said there’s been an excellent response from students regarding this updated program.

“We started a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve already given out 120 vouchers,” Bittenbender said. “Every time I come into the building, I see a new person registering.”

Breakaway Bikes representatives said the truck sold out of locks two weeks ago, due to the volume of students redeeming vouchers. Employees ordered an extra shipment to supply more locks.

Along with its CSS partnership, the bike truck sells discounted Fuji bikes and accessories and repairs bikes for students.

The trailer is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Although the trailer just started this semester, the Breakaway Bikes retail location at 1923 Chestnut St. opened in 2003. The idea for the Main Campus location came after Fuji Bicycles representatives attended a Bike Temple meeting last year.

“We were trying to come up with ways to make the campus more bike-friendly,” said Gurscik, who is also a Bike Temple member.

With so many additional bikes on campus, Bittenbender said students should not lock bikes on railings or places that block handicap access. He recommended students lock their bikes properly by the entire frame, not just a wheel.

Students can only receive one free lock from CSS.

“It’s a courtesy and a good investment,” Bittenbender said.

Breakaway Bikes General Manager Jonas Mendoza agreed.

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone,” he said.

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