A dedication to service

This week marks the third annual service issue.

For the third year in a row, The Temple News is dedicating an October issue to showcasing charity work by both Temple students and Philadelphians.

Although some Temple students leave Philadelphia after graduating, it’s more important than ever that students make the community their concern, no matter how long their stay is.

Throughout this issue, readers will find a total of nine stories focused on service.

A few of these articles are on Page 1. Temple Student Government kicked off Adopt-A-Block, a program that allows students to be involved with the off-campus community. In addition, there is a feature on an affordable art studio in Kensington and a profile on Fran Dunphy’s consistent involvement with charity work.

One op-ed calls students to be wiser with their leftover meal swipes.

Lifestyle highlights several organizations and events, including National Coming Out Week. It also profiles 10-10-10, a charity developed by a marketing class and Friendship Circle, a student organization for autistic children.

And finally, A&E covers Co-Action Dance Collective, which gives performances for the community. The section also profiles SPACES, an artist residency that helps to kick-start careers of Philadelphia artists.

We hope that reading about these service projects both on and off campus will inspire students to be more involved in the well-being of their home.

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