Democrats and Republicans square up in a debate

Nearly a hundred attendees gathered at the Student Center on Monday to watch Temple’s Democrats and Republicans debate.

Nearly a hundred attendees gathered at the Student Center on Monday to watch the Temple College Republicans and Temple College Democrats debate about leading issues in the presidential election season.

The debate focused on each candidate’s policies for health care and the economy. Michael Hagen, professor of the political science and director of the Institute for Public Affairs, moderated the debate.

Brittany Walsh from the College Republicans argued in favor of Sen. John McCain’s health care policy.

The senior social administration major said McCain’s plan will benefit Americans because it tax gives a $5,000 tax credit to families and $2,500 to individuals.

Junior Daniel Dunphy, the financial director for the College Democrats, disagreed with Walsh arguing in favor of Sen. Barack Obama’s health care plan.

He said Obama would extend Medicaid eligibility benefits to uninsured children and those who are not covered by their employers or do not qualify for unemployment insurance.

Republican debaters said Obama’s proposal would create a government-run health plan at the expense of taxpayers’ dollars.

Democrats responded saying McCain’s plan excluded people with pre-existing health conditions.

Education, tax reform, foreign policy and energy were caused conflict between the two groups.

Reactions after the debate were mixed. Some decided who they would vote for, while others remained unsure.

“It convinced me even more of my initial decision,” said Nolan Wood, an Independent.

Kate Kline, a communications major, said she has not decided on a candidate. She said she enjoyed how Hagen encouraged civility.

“I will remember the question where the moderator asks to say one thing nice about the other candidate,” said Kline, a registered Independent.

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