Dive into Bar Guide

Our 2014 Bar Guide focuses on casual dive bars throughout Philadelphia.

Attending college in a major city gives one more than just public transportation knowledge and immunity to midnight sirens.

For a young adult over 21 years old in Philadelphia, there’s a wealth of nightlife just a SEPTA token away. While we are far from the authority on the city’s culture, we consider our Arts & Entertainment section a student’s guide to Philadelphia – and our annual Bar Guide insert is no different.

This year, we’ve kept the modest wallet of a student in mind by focusing on dive bars. While some establishments scoff at being referred to as a “dive,” we believe that bars profiled in the proceeding pages should take the designation with pride: They’re places where customers can drink and socialize without worrying about dressing well or spending too much money. Some bars take pride in their status as a “dive” – like South Philadelphia’s Dirty Frank’s, which proudly displays hubcaps on the walls and keeps drink prices low.

We encourage Temple’s of-age crowd to focus on drinks and company – rather than frills and glamour – at these establishments.

Each bar profiled this year is located outside of North Philadelphia. We encourage students to explore the city’s culture outside of the “Temple bubble.”

Chat about the local artwork on display at Dirty Frank’s, enjoy a Citywide Special at Bob and Barbara’s – which claims to have originated the combination – or find your groove on Dolphin’s dance floor. Also, be sure to check our additional coverage online.

We encourage students to enjoy Philadelphia’s bars responsibly. Take advantage of public transportation instead of risking a buzzed drive home.

While readers are welcome to scour the web for tips- or take recommendations from friends, we believe there are no better people to take advice from than the young folks that populate Philadelphia’s bars every Saturday night.

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