Documenting the Intersection

The Temple News’ editor in chief explains why the student newspaper is adding the Intersection this academic year.

In the past, The Temple News hasn’t done its job of telling the whole story. We have been missing the experiences and the narratives of students, staff and community residents for years because we have been a predominantly white institution on campus. This year, we’re coming back with a new look as a tabloid print edition with daily online content. But most importantly, we’re coming back with a whole new focus: you.

There are few places where people with marginalized or conflicting identities learn about themselves while on campus. We need a space for students to explore their identities through written word — whether it’s through fully reported news stories, personal essays or poetry. That’s why the Intersection is here: to be a space where your voice matters.

This isn’t a space for people to air their complaints but to take those complaints and dive deeper into why things are the way they are here. We also hope to add solutions reporting to this section so we can learn from other institutions that are changing their internal processes and figure out how to improve our the relationships and experiences.

This section is inspired by Tulane Hullabaloo’s Editor in Chief Canela Lopez, the first transgender person of color to hold the position. They created this section two years ago in New Orleans, to promote non-racist reporting and to strive for equity on their campus. I am lucky enough to know Lopez, and I am so motivated by their non-stop advocacy to better the world for all people, specifically people from marginalized communities. Lopez’s innovative section brought so much clarity to me. This new space for the Temple community just makes sense.

I hope you utilize this section, no matter if you are someone who just Googled the definition of “intersection,” or if you have a Ph.D. in gender, sexuality and women’s studies.

I’m sure this year you will read something in this section that you disagree with. I hope that empowers you to challenge it. Write for the Intersection or submit a letter to the editor through the email address.

I hope you consider joining the Intersection team this year. If not, I hope you follow along each Tuesday to learn more about your peers as we jump head first into some tough and thoughtful conversations about the experiences Temple brings.


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