Editorial: Across the aisle

Political groups on campus can teach a thing or two to those on a national scale.

The Temple News has dedicated significant amounts of space, time and ink to covering various events and meetings held by Temple University College Republicans and Temple College Democrats in the past.

This issue is no exception, as evidenced by Laura Ordonez’s coverage of California Attorney General Kamala Harris visit to Temple. While the article centers on a visit organized by an outside group, Obama for America, it also discusses the efforts of both student organizations to mobilize student voters.

These efforts represent but a small sampling of what TCD and TUCR members offer to the Temple community. They engage in fruitful dialogues and invite guest speakers. They work tirelessly to create an informed and politically active student body. They provide a setting for students to establish and then cultivate political identities and ideologies.

Furthermore, they consistently communicate closely with each other to coordinate group efforts, like teach-ins and debates. While it is unfortunate that their last debate before the presidential election, originally scheduled for Oct. 30, had to be canceled due to Hurricane Sandy, The Temple News still believes that their dedication to open, friendly discourse is worth commending.

The Temple News would also like to urge both groups to continue working closely with each other and promoting co-sponsored events. It is very easy to become gripped with a sense of pessimism about perceived unfixable inefficiencies and unconquerable differences in the American political system. But the efforts of TUCR and TCD may show that, on some level at least, a degree of friendly tolerance and shades of compromise are still possible.

In a political system so often defined by the gridlock it seems to create, this is a positive example. The Temple News hopes that others on larger scales look upon the microcosm of discussion available at Temple and seek to emulate it.

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