Editorial: Classroom critique

Online feedback forms mark an important process in improving classrooms.

At the close of  previous semesters, approximately 280,000 Student Feedback Forms were distributed from Temple’s administrative staff to the student body, which was expected to complete them with insight into how professors and teaching assistants handled instructing the course.

Lecture halls of students on the last day of class were asked to bubble in the surveys and complete the short response prompts on the flip side. The process might have raised questions for students: Are these forms being taken seriously? When did everyone around me develop speed reading and writing skills worthy of a place in the record books? Why is everyone turning these in using invisible ink?

The Temple News recognizes that while some students took the time to provide valuable feedback on their semester experiences, some promptly turned in the sheets after the teacher left the room.

A sustainable shift has been made this summer that hopes to convenience students and improve feedback results. The Temple News stands behind that notion.

Feedback forms are now available online through Dec. 9 for students to fill out. As of yesterday, Dec. 3, 25.6 percent of forms were completed by the student body.

The university has recognized a drop in completion in recent years to below 50 percent, as Laura Ordonez reports.  The Temple News encourages students to access the forms through TUportal and submit their opinions in order to improve courses and teaching techniques at the university.

Students get frustrated when teachers penalize them without adequate explanation. It’s only fair that students give their professors the same detailed critique they expect in return.

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