Editorial: Constituent duties

TSG is starting the semester with big plans. Students should follow suit.

The beginning of spring is historically linked to the idea of new beginnings. So with the start of the Spring 2013 semester today, The Temple News would like to encourage Temple Student Government leaders to focus on completing their goals and resolutions to better community relations and support higher education funding and awareness among the student body, as well as continue with programs enacted in the past that have been proven to further that end.

The importance of such goals has only become more imperative with the incoming leadership this semester of Neil Theobald taking on the role of Temple’s 10th president. It’s an important time for student leaders to show new university leadership what matters to the student body.

As Laura Detter reports, TSG Student Body President David Lopez and his administration are leading the Kids-to-College program, an initiative to show local middle and high school students how the university can be a higher learning option for them.

The Temple News hopes that a program like Kids-to-College will result in the university considering opening up more access and resources to students in North Philadelphia to actually make that future a viable choice.

In the past, The Temple News has supported TSG’s Adopt-a-Block program, an effort to instill a level of respect among community residents and students by having student organizations clean different blocks at least once a month. TSG reported more than 1,000 hours of community service logged through the program so far. It’s important for students to get involved this semester in efforts that better the community beyond Main Campus’ borders, and take some responsibility for the area some have taken residency in.

Most importantly, students should get involved in the fight for higher education funding during Cherry and White Day, a day for TSG representatives and students to talk with elected officials in Harrisburg, Pa. The continuation of the Pennsylvania Association of State-Related Students rally is still in discussion, so the former opportunity becomes more important than ever for student advocation in Harrisburg.

TSG has provided valuable opportunities, but they are useless if the student body doesn’t take advantage of them. So take a stand in the spring semester with TSG to work toward betterment of the communities you belong to.

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