Editorial: Internet inclusion

A site of resources for the LGBT community is a step in the right direction.

Last week, Temple launched its online “clearinghouse” to provide information for the LGBT community. The resource list was made in response to the Gender and Sexuality Climate Assessment, which was administered in Spring 2011.

Specifically, the website came in response to the Gender and Sexuality Climate Task Force’s forward to the survey results that “noted the lack of a central source of information on what support was available on campus and throughout Philadelphia to LGBTQ students, staff and faculty.”

The Temple News supports the administration’s response to this issue and applauds Temple for addressing one of its weaknesses toward the LGBT community on Main Campus.

While this step is a first in addressing LGBT needs and concerns at Temple, The Temple News urges the administration to continue moving forward in this area and creating a campus that’s welcoming to all.

The need to continue pushing forward on this topic is especially paramount due to the fact that 13 percent of the survey’s respondents reported experiencing discriminatory action, harassment or offensive behavior at Temple due to their gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or other factors.

While this number is significantly smaller than the 81 percent of respondents who answered that they were comfortable or very comfortable at Temple, it still needs to be addressed, and the administration is showing that it is willing to go the extra mile to appease this community on Main Campus.

Chairman of the Gender and Sexuality Climate Task Force William Bergman said that the website is still a work in progress and encouraged people to add resources to the list that aren’t presently on the website. This shows that the university recognizes this as something that needs to be grown and pushed forward.

The Temple News supports the administration’s attitude toward the findings of the Gender and Sexuality Climate Assessment and encourages the university to continue looking for ways to nurture a more welcoming, open environment at Temple.

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