Editorial: To our readers

The Temple News closes the school year by encouraging readers to speak up.

This issue marks our last print edition of the school year. More than that, it represents a time for The Temple News to look both back and forward.

Every week, The Temple News uses these unsigned editorial spaces to make judgment calls on topics we’re reporting on. It’s a chance to cut past any jargon or smokescreens, a time to say it like it is. Unfortunately, the quick pace of news gathering and presenting means our coverage seldom makes it into that discussion.

When we began printing our product again this year on Aug. 28, 2012, we committed to bringing you, our valued readers, a newspaper that represented all walks of life at Temple. Reflective of that notion was temple-news.com, a site we use to bring you the same type of coverage every day of the week.

Through our five different sections, we’ve covered breaking news, offered insightful commentary, introduced you to people of interest both on and off campus and followed our changing athletic program – both on-field performances and monetary matters.

But our Temple-centric coverage hasn’t been without faults. There are stories we’ve missed out on, and stories on which you’ve pointed out flaws, imperfections or questionable editorial decisions. Each time, those opinions have been shared during staff meetings and helped fuel our belief that we can do better.

The stories we pursue – both the ones that make it into the paper and the ones that don’t – are based off what we the student-newsgatherers think the community should or needs to know about. The things that will inform, entertain and, just maybe, move you.

Going forward, we ask our readers to do one thing: respond. Email our editors (see a full list at temple-news.com/staff), comment on stories or stop by our newsroom, room 243 of the Student Center.

Our staff has a reach only as far as the full-time students who comprise it. With your ideas and input, our product will better serve you and the Temple community.

As we continue on a path toward self-improvement, we hope you’ll be there to guide us in the right direction.

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