Encouraging Dialogue

The teach-ins at Temple aren’t new and students should take advantage of open discussion.


ince 2002 the history department and the History Honors Society Phi Alpha Theta has been hosting teach-ins every Friday at 3:30 p.m. The Temple News supports this initiative, which stemmed from professor Ralph Young’s dissent in america course. The purpose of the teach-ins is to start an open dialogue about current political, historical and sociological issues.

The Temple News encourages students to actively participate in the weekly discussions. Essentially the events enhance the higher education experience. Students can openly express their opinions about current issues. Moreover, students are exposed to varying perceptions, which can ultimately lead to more understanding among commonly misunderstood issues.

You may have noticed that The Temple News has been covering the teach-ins every week. The Temple News believes it is important to promote a forum that introduces new topics of discussion.

This week Ali Watkins reported on the latest teach-in on page 1 in, “Alumnus opens discussion on Iran relations.” Armond James, a 2008 alumnus, hosted the teach-in, and gave his personal narrative on his visit to Iran. James commented on how well he was received in Iran and suggests that this should be more reason for students to challenge conceptions that the media develops about Iran. Ultimately, James advocated that students draw their own conclusions “before passing judgment.”

The Temple News agrees with this sentiment. It is more beneficial to form and draw your own conclusions based off of first-hand experience or through thorough research. This requires being objective and challenging an issue when both sides aren’t given.

As students, we all have something to learn from one another through open discussion.


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  1. It’s great that Temple students have this kind of open forum. And next Friday, they will get a chance to meet CIA veteran and whistle-blower, Mel Goodman, author of the forthcoming book, Permanent War. He’ll be speaking at Ralph Young’s/ CLA’s Dissent in America, on Friday Feb. 24, on “US Militarism– Costs and Consequences,” including relations with Iran, at Anderson 821. So it is a timely follow-up to this very important topic.

    Thanks, Ed Aguilar

    Ed was a Temple History major, then Temple law grad, Class of ’77. More about Mel can be found on the noted website.

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