Experimental band brings the funk

Junior Jake Leschinsky rocks the bass in the highly inventive, jazzy group, Swift Technique, a band that often performs around Philadelphia.

The Roots should watch out. Swift Technique is exactly the type of harvest you’d expect to reap from a purely organic, Philadelphia funk band. But truth be told, the band’s only half in bloom.

The seven-piece funk group, Swift Technique, has performed on Temple’s campus numerous times, including shows at The Cherry Pit, Maxi’s and a recent performance at the Bell Tower during Spring Fling (Kevin Cook/TTN).

“Our music is kind of like a pleasant slap in the face,” said lead vocalist Sean McCann. “It’s surprising but still beautifully poetic.”

Ranked by Deli Magazine as one of the top 10 bands in Philly after playing at a block party near South Street for local entertainment and fashion elite, Swift Technique seems to be on the up-and-up.

So far, the band has played nearly 90 gigs, and the invitations keep coming in.

The seven-member band has been operating as a unit for about two years. Members of the vocal, drum, guitar and horn sections make up one tight group that produces its music together.

Hence, the group has the ability to improvise on stage, as audience members at the Cherry Pit witnessed at the band’s April 10 show. Swift Technique’s instrumentals are strong on some tracks, often evoking strong emotion from audience members.

When it comes to the Philly experience, members of Swift Technique are alchemists – turning rough, blue-collar history into inspirational art.

McCann has worked in carpentry his whole life and now works as a mechanic, fixing pool covers for notable moneymakers like Jon Bon Jovi.

But hold onto any accusations of nepotism. Swift Technique has been recording all its music independently. The band combines compelling lyrics with strings, thick bass and funky, jazzy horns.
“Recording has been a struggle,” said junior BTMM major Jake Leschinsky, bass player for the band. “We’ve done most of our work with small, independent recording studios or out of our friends’ homes, but since there is seven of us, it’s hard to find a place that can fit all of us.”

Swift Technique doesn’t have a full album compiled yet, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing down the group’s momentum. Students might be familiar with the band since its members more recently took home the first place title at the sold-out Temple and TUVonline.com collaborative event, Battle of the Best. The group also played on stage during last Wednesday’s Spring Fling festival.

Quentin Williams can be reached at quentin@temple.edu.

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