NEDA Week: Finding strength in recovery

Intersection and REFINE Magazine teamed up for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

Content Warning: The articles in this special issue contain descriptions of eating disorders that might be upsetting to some readers.

Dear Readers,

This year’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is titled “Come as You Are,” and The Temple News’ Intersection and REFINE created a collaborative issue to do just that. Together, we’re highlighting the real struggles with eating disorders, and the real joys of recovery.

REFINE Magazine is a lifestyle magazine specifically catered to Temple women.

Throughout the week, we’ll share personal stories, report on eating disorders in Division I athletics and discuss how eating disorders can manifest in people of any gender. We’ll also report on success — how weight training can aid recovery and how a cycling instructor changed her teaching style based on her own recovery journey.

You can find the full collaboration on and, along with videos and photos.

We hope that this collaboration informs you about the reality of living with an eating disorder in college and fosters healthy conversations about how to recover from these diseases.


Claire Wolters, Intersection Editor of The Temple News
Sarah Madaus, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of REFINE Magazine

Skip the diet, try a social media cleanse instead

A student argues that people should unfollow social media accounts that reinforce negative body images.

Eating disorders are not just a women’s disease

Professionals and people in recovery discuss how eating disorders affect all genders.

A Temple cross country runner on eating disorder recovery

Eating disorders are common in high school and college athletes.

Best friends and black bean burgers

The Intersection Editor writes about forming a lasting friendship in a residential facility.

An unwelcome guest: Anorexia’s seat at the dinner table

Students discuss how their eating disorder impacted their families.

Recovery isn’t a light switch, but my future is bright

A student writes about her recovery from an eating disorder.

Discovering a new standard of beauty

A student writes about her experience with an eating disorder.

‘Food was not my enemy’ in my battle with anorexia

A junior journalism major writes about developing an eating disorder in middle school, shortly after she learned about anorexia.

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