Former president Theobald will not be president of University of Northern Iowa

Theobald was one of three finalists for the top administration position.

Former Temple president Neil Theobald speaks with The Temple News in 2015 in Sullivan Hall. MARGO REED / FILE PHOTO

Former president Neil Theobald will not be the president of the University of Northern Iowa, where he was a finalist. Mark Nook, the chancellor of Montana State University Billings, was chosen to serve as the Iowa university’s president on Tuesday.

Theobald visited UNI as a finalist for the top administration position on Nov. 29 and meet with its administration to host a 75-minute open forum, The Des Moines Register reported.

On Tuesday, he and the other finalists interviewed with the Iowa Board of Regents —  Iowa’s governing body for the state’s public universities and special schools.

The Board of Regents deliberated for two days to choose the president of UNI with the university’s Next University President committee in closed sessions.

Theobald told The Temple News in August he was still a faculty member of Temple’s College of Education and was on a year-long sabbatical.

During an open forum for his visit as a presidential finalist, Theobald told the crowd he resigned from Temple as a result of differing “principles” with Temple’s Board of Trustees in regard to appointing a deanship without faculty advice, according to The Des Moines Register.

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